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How to Hang Frameless Mirrors

White Ceramic Sink With Mirror 18c7bacb2ef4da44908ad1a86f6e3bc2 2000 ScaledHow to Hang Frameless Mirrors

Large, frameless mirrors can be beautiful additions to a room and helpful. To ensure the mirror stays securely on the wall, it must be installed correctly. After all, you don’t want to spend money on a mirror only to have it break into pieces a few days later. But how do you hang frameless mirrors? We look into the most common ways to do this and more.

Ways to Hang Frameless Mirrors

Frameless Mirrors - CIB Home Remodeling

Using Adhesive

One popular way to hang a frameless mirror is to use adhesive. This can be especially helpful if the mirror is larger or heavier than average. Simply attach the adhesive to the back of the mirror and position it on the wall. Make sure to clean off any excess glue before installing your mirror.

Using Mounting Clips

Another option is to use clips. These clips can be attached to the back of a frameless mirror using screws, nails, or adhesives. Once installed, simply clip the mirror onto the hooks. Again, clean off any excess glue before installing your mirror.

Hang Frameless Mirrors Using Adhesive

Frameless Mirrors - CIB Home Remodeling

Materials You’ll Need

  • Painter’s tape
  • 6-inch paintbrush
  • High-grade adhesive
  • Electric drill
  • A holding brace (scrap plywood or a metal brace)
  • Primer
  • A sanding block

Step 1: Outline Where the Frameless Mirror Will Be Hanging

Before installing the adhesive, you’ll need to outline where the mirror will hang. To do this, tape a 6-inch paintbrush to one end of the brush and outline the mirror. Use enough tape, so the brush is taped to the mirror and hangs freely.

Step 2: Use Painter’s Tape to Mark the Areas on the Wall

After putting the vertical marks on the wall, put four pieces of painter’s tape on all of the marks. Remember that it will stay there once you glue the mirror to the wall. Because of this, you should be careful where you put the painter’s tape and how it will affect where the mirror ends up.

Step 3: Ensure the Wall is Sanded

To ensure the bond is as strong as possible, prime the back of the mirror with a sandpaper block. Sand the area more until you reach the drywall. This means that you shouldn’t be able to see any paint on the surface where the mirror will go. Next, wipe the dust off the wall with a clean towel or tack cloth.

Step 4: Prime the Wall

Use a couple of coats of primer to paint the wall where the mirror will go. Ensure the first primer coat is dry before putting it on the second.

Step 5: Install a Metal or Wooden Brace

Install metal or plywood bracing on the mirror’s bottom edge to hold it in place while the adhesive dries. Remove the painter’s tape and screw in the mirror’s bottom corners. Pilot holes ensure proper screw placement. Next, secure the wall brace.

Step 6: Apply the Adhesive and Attach the Mirror

Apply the high-grade adhesive to the back of the mirror. Then place it on top of the marked areas on the wall. Use a drill to screw in the mirror’s bottom corners. And finally, attach the wall brace.

To ensure your mirror is adequately mounted, allow it to sit on the wall with the brace for at least 24 hours before removing it. This will give the adhesive time to set and help prevent your mirror from falling off the wall.

Hang Frameless Mirrors Using Mounting Clips

Frameless Mirrors - CIB Home Remodeling

Materials You’ll Need

  • A measuring tape
  • A hammer
  • A pencil
  • Mounting brackets
  • Screws
  • Level
  • Phillips-head screwdriver
  • A flathead nail

Step 1: Mark Where the Mirror Will Go on the Wall

To begin, you will need a measuring tape, a pencil, and a hammer. With these tools, you will mark where the mirror will go on the wall. Making a mark in the middle of the mirror’s top and spots on the wall where the mirror’s edges will line up is crucial. This will ensure that your mirror is hung level.

Step 2: Find Where the Wall Studs Are

To find the studs in the wall, use a stud finder. The studs are necessary to hold the mirror in place, and they should be evenly spaced between each of the mirror’s edges, or there should be a single stud in the middle of the mirror. Use a pencil to mark the studs, so you know where to drill.

Step 3: Mark Where You’ll Put Clips

After finding the studs, mark the top and bottom clips using a pencil. You don’t want the mirror to be crooked or on a stud’s edge, where it may not be secure. Markings on the clips should match the mirror’s back.

Step 4: Drill Wall Pilot Holes for Clips

Drill the wall clips’ pilot holes. Next, flush a wall anchor with a hammer. Then drill each clip flush with the wall. Bottom clips should be U-shaped, while top clips should be L-shaped.

Step 5: Attach the Mirror

Once the clips are in place, slip the mirror over the bottom clips. Make sure the mirror fits flush against the wall and top clips. Then tighten the mirror’s top clips using a screwdriver.

Where Can I Hang Frameless Mirrors?

By the Entrance of Your Home

Before hitting the town, it’s essential to check your appearance in the mirror. That’s why putting a mirror on the wall inside the entrance is so valuable. Put the mirror on a small table by the front door for added effect.

Inside Your Bedroom

Full-length mirrors are particularly useful in bedrooms. You can also try on new clothes and shoes in your bedroom by hanging a mirror on your closet door or laying a full-length mirror against the wall.

Over the Fireplace

One of the most conventional home decor choices is hanging a mirror above the hearth. A fireplace is a great way to warm up a living room, and a mirror may make the space feel more open.

The Bottom Line

We hope you liked our advice on how to hang frameless mirrors. Always remember that the mirror’s primary security comes from being glued or clipped to the wall, as there is no frame to protect it. The wall clips should be fastened directly in the middle of the two studs to prevent the mirror from falling.

To get the best results when hanging frameless mirrors, get in touch with an Atlanta home remodeling company at CIB Home Remodeling. Call us at (404)406-0151 to get started.



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